Thursday, August 31, 2017

How To Disconnect Other User From Wi-Fi Network

B 17 How To - If earlier we already discussed about the disconnected wifi internet connection use the android then for now we will share how to disconnect internet connection others on the same network using a computer.

There really is a time we need a pretty fast internet connection and the maximum, but over a large number of users so that the number of bandwidth that there are also divided. Well that's when we get to take advantage and opportunity so that bandwidth that exists only in our network by following how to disconnect internet connection others on the same network:

This time we will use a software or an application called NetCut. For this application has various functions among others are:

Know the IP Address and the device name is used

  • Clone Mac address of other people
  • Can change the mac address
  • Knowing the mac address
  • Restore the internet connection disconnected and others
  • And much more

The application of this one only has a small enough size i.e. approximately 1.6 Mb only, this software is also compatible with all versions of windows starting from windows 7 to 10 who have a version of the 32 bit or 64 bit.

  • First, please download the latest netcut software first
  • Open the application that we have downloaded above and double click to open it
  • After that, we select the storage that will be used in the place of installation by clicking browse and select, or directly by clicking next.
  • If you've finished the installation process it will pop up a display to install WinPcap. These applications also install with click next.
  • After installation is complete done then there is a notification that pops up where you can choose to restart now or later. After that click finish

If you select restart the computer wait you guys lit up again, after a blazing search application called Netcut on my desktop, if there is no press the windows key on your keyboard and type the NetCut. Then the application will pop up

How to disconnect internet connection others on the same network that the last IP please select the target and click the menu Cut Off (ready), to restore it please select a resume.

With such, you guys have success to follow how to disconnect internet connection others on the same network, remember the IP you guys know in advance as it can be so in fact you guys are truncated or cut off.