Monday, August 28, 2017

Top 21 Tips: How To Get Approved Google Adsense Account Fast!

B 17 How To - Google Adsense advertising program is still the most favored by most website owners from all over the world, but to be an Adsense publisher turns out to be not as easy as imagined. In fact, there are still many people who fail to register with Adsense. Still, we often read about the blogger friends who complained his rejected Google Adsense blog.

But actually, if you want a little be patient and follow the rules of Google's policy then when registering the Adsense blog definitely will be accepted.

~ Actually we used to have also been discussing how to apply Google Adsense tutorial so quickly received more technical, but this time it was certainly also very useful for you in order to be accepted as an Adsense publisher.

* As a side note this article does not discuss Adsense Youtube, but at its core is the same, the difference is just youtube related videos, blog-related content.

Quick Tips Google Adsense easily accepted in a single list

For friends who want to register with Adsense, here is Jurnalweb give a little tip for easy Google Adsense, tips received based on direct experience as we manage a website with the theme lifestyle or lifestyle.

1. Don't rush to register Adsense

Do not rush to register your website to Google Adsense because it would complicate the process of collaboration between you and your Adsense website later.

The website has already rejected Adsense will be more difficult to sign up again, so try not to get rejected when first registering. So before Adsense list make sure all preparations that they have met. Make sure your website is stable and lively in advance. After that, it was just starting to think about advertising. Due to the still very new website is certainly hard to be accepted, especially if the Windows are still quiet.

Blog with age more than 3 months will be more likely to be accepted. But our advice we recommend that you install the Adsense ads after 6 months.

2. Select a topic and You've mastered

Before you create the website for paired Google Adsense, predefine topic websites that correspond to your interests. Look for the topic that many (often searched people) but the most You're good at. If you like it then it's good to make the automotive website with automotive topics, not soccer, or health. Due to the long run websites with topics you most Ahold will be easier to manage because according to your interests. If it does not match the interest it will be very serious in managing them. Tired of myself.

Google also like websites that have a specific niche, meaning that only certain topics discussed and no hodgepodge.

When you write an article that expanded feet according to with the fields that you've mastered, then science and the quality of the writing that is poured in the postings will also be more weighing and quality.

3. Wake up the best possible website

The first step to becoming an Adsense publisher is to have your website or blog. Wake up your website as good as possible before signing up for Google Adsense. Logically is where anyone would want to cooperate with websites which are still empty of visitors. Although its revenue would be very small indeed.

Choose a good domain name and web host. Do not let your websites often die because it will make you lose visitors and besides the website that often also less favored by Google's robots.

4. Design a website as good as possible

Create or select a good theme to design your website, make your website looks presentable and elegant. No need to stir, minimalist alone is enough to be accepted to Google Adsense. Remember google is very fond of simplicity (simplicity) but the quality.

5. create a nice navigation

Make sure your website has a good navigation system. Good navigation is the meaning of being in a position that is easy to found or seen by visitors. Not confusing. Another concept of a navigation function navigation to remember is that all the content on your website can be found easily.

6. create important pages

A good website can be characterized by the existence of clear rules of the game on the website, the rules of the game here is between the website and the outside parties, one of them with visitors. These rules are usually listed in some important pages which contain the policies, rules, and other permission requests. So it is necessary to have a page about us, disclaimer, terms of service, privacy and policy and contact us.

Make sure your website is to have those pages so that your website can be entailed, moreover there is protection for visitors as well as others so that no one feels aggrieved. Google also pays attention to these things because they certainly don't want to work with websites that are not responsible.

7. create quality content and avoid copy and paste

After you build a website with domain and hosting is reliable, and have selected the topic the best according to You, then the next is to fill your website with quality content.

But for the more easy it is to create content that isn't copy-paste from another website &, content that could solve the problem of many people, content writing and presentable with good grammar, using pictures, video or table as a complement, the content frequently searched person, content that is better than similar articles that exist on another website , not too short.

You can also read Google Guide about copyright infringement.

8. Multiply the amount of content

It's not just a matter of the quality of the content, but the amount of content is also important to note. The blog is updated every day, of course, have the possibility to have more visitors if compared to the sparse updates, especially if any quality content, endeared the visitors and acceptable to search engines. Wahhh nice no doubt.

If you regularly update the website at least 2 times in one day, then within 3 months you've had (2artikel x 30hari x 3bulan = 180) article. And it certainly is sufficient for initial capital sign up for Google Adsense. Once again, don't rush to register but woke up first on your website with the best possible.

9. avoid content containing forbidden words

Create positive content, don't the leading to the forbidden things. What are the forbidden things? need not be answered since you should already know.

Create content that's useful but far from negative things. Don't get one of those forbidden words on your website. The website is clean of such things would be very frowned upon by Google.

You can visit the AdSense program policies page for more details.

10. on-page SEO Fix your website

One of the factors of a good website according to the search engines is that on-page SEO features. SEO websites that have good on-page would certainly be easier to read and the intent of the content can be understood well by Google. Remember that Google Adsense ads contextual nature, which means that your ads are displayed based on the content of the website. SEO on-page good work makes the Google machine. SEO on-page there are many factors, ranging from making a good article title, URL SEO friendly, including the meta description, naming the image files are good, give information on the images, keyword density, internal links, quality content also includes part of the on-page SEO. There are still many other factors of SEO on-page, it might be we discussed on another occasion.

For off-page SEO is not too important in this, but if you want to be all alone in the off-page SEO optimization, will certainly be better.

11. Have a sitemap

Search engines usually take your website's data through the sitemap available, usually a sitemap XML file, generally the hell named sitemap.XML but other names too. The contents are a list of all the URL of any page that you want to appear in the search engines. Websites that have a sitemap would, of course, be frowned upon by the search engines, because their engines work easier in reading the pages of your website. So that visitors who come to your website from search engines will more, Google is very fond of such websites.

12. Install Plugins SEO

If you are using WordPress, it's good You install plugins SEO which is useful to improve the SEO of your website so that your visitors more. SEO plugins like All in One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps or Yoast SEO may you can use. The plugin can also assist you in creating a sitemap file that we discussed earlier.

13. Sign up for Google Webmasters/Google search console (verification code)

To manage your website with better yet then you should register your website to Google Webmasters now called also with Google search console, there you can place the sitemap that already made earlier so that the URL of the pages of your website can appear on search engines quickly.

In addition the sitemap also has a variety of other tools that almost all of its uses to optimize the performance of your website.

Make sure your website verified in Google Webmasters, usually by placing the code in a meta tag or by uploading files to your website.

14. use Google Analytics

In addition to the Google Webmaster it's good You also using Google Analytics for your website, this will ease you in knowing the number of visitor websites. This is the Google Analytics program-made Google Google Analytics, then also it can connect with Google webmasters and Google Adsense. So it's good you're using three of the program. Make sure your website verified in Google Analytics

15. Tighten up the social media accounts

Tighten up Your social media account first before signing up for social media, has a lot of followers will certainly make your article more likely to be seen by many people. In addition there is the possibility of the number of followers into Google indicators when assessing the quality of a website or not. The more followers the more good course, because once again Google likes websites that many visitors.

16. create a responsive website

One of the indicators of a good website according to Google is that can be opened with either on mobile devices like tablets and Smartphones. No wonder, because the website visitors using mobile devices is currently very much compared to the desktop. So make sure your website already responsive so can perform optimally at any screen size.

17. Keep updating the article during the period of review

After You register your website to Google Adsense, Google will usually do a review twice. The first review of the most only one or two days. After getting an email then you will be prompted to create an Adsense ad unit and pair it to your website. After a second review period then mounted it runs, can take days even some are up to more than a month. So just be patient. Keep writing quality posts during the period of review. Create at least 2 articles per day during the period of review, the more better to indicate that your website seriously.

18. During the review, put an ad in the best position

At the time of the second review is usually the owner of the website were asked to create ad units and place them on the website. We suggest you should put your ad in the position which is always visible from any page. The sidebar or header is not normally fickle and always visible from any page. So you can put in that position. Do not put advertisements on a forbidden position as in page pop-ups or other elements floated. Follow Google's rules of the game, be a good publisher, hopefully your website accepted to Google Adsense. You can read the manual placement of Adsense ads.

19. During the review, use of recommended ad units

At the time of review you should use all the things you like, including using Google ad units that they recommend. There are several sizes which they recommend as a 300 × 225, 336 × 280, 728 × 90, 300 × 600 or ad types responsive.

So it is clear that the recommended size is huge. Just follow, customize the look of your website with the ad units, not to look messy.

20. do not use any other advertising program

Do not use other similar advertising programs when you sign up for Google Adsense. Avoid advertising model also affiliate Adsense during the registration process. Simply Google just don't have ads in the other.

21. Read the Guide provided Google

Google in fact already provides many guidelines in order for your website to become better, they also provide policies that must be followed in order to be accepted as a publisher, if you follow the rules and guidelines most likely your website will be accepted as an Adsense publisher.

That's a little tip from us to you who want to register a website to Google Adsense in order to be accepted.