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24 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight Fast

B17 How To - Acne (acne vulgaris, acne) is a disorder of the skin that occurs when oil and dead skin cells clog pores. Acne is the most common problems of the skin, characterized by the presence of blackheads, skin redness due to irritation, freckles, or red spots swell to fester.

Acne is a skin disease that appeared in the face, with a small form and contains fat in it, with a form like this is what makes our face less clean and can cause loss of self-confidence in front of people, besides Acne also destroys the beauty of someone especially he's a priority of her appearance every day, it's really harming the environment.

Acne usually appears in teenagers, especially those of us who frequently consume materials containing fat, it may be the leading cause of the appearance of acne diwajah acne, and also due to the effect of dirt lodged dipori facial pores you. If not cleaned with facial cleanser then will cause the appearance of acne, this stone that are difficult to clean.

When our faces appear stubborn acne that we could try some natural ingredients that are already proven to eliminate acne naturally and do not cause any side effects, just that it takes a pretty long time to clear acne and mark naturally.

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Indeed many drugs out there that can heal acne quickly and easily, but the price is not easy, well, what about those of us who don't have the money to buy the drugs, we can rely on natural materials for get rid of acne, we've put together some ways and natural ingredients get rid of acne quickly, easily and inexpensively.

Before we do know anything and how do I get rid of acne naturally, we need to know first what are the causes of the emergence of acne diwajah. Thus, we can avoid the consequences of the emergence of acne during treatment with natural ingredients.

Acne Appears with some for, as you frequently consume fat, like nuts, and milk, in addition to Acne also appears when you don't keep clean faces, faces that are often exposed to dust or stains will often and easily formed Acne, because these stains will produce bacteria that can cause acne on the face. so try to wash your face with SOAP daily face cleanser.

For those of you who frequently consume carbonated drinks can also trigger the emergence of excess acne on your face, because the content in these drinks can cause acne disembukan difficult, try you see people staying up and consume beverages contains soda face less breakouts or jerbih stone.

1. Excess oil production

Acne is not forever because we appear less maintain the cleanliness of the face, but can also be influenced by internal factors or from within the body. Acne occurs due to abnormal skin conditions due to interference from excess production of oil glands (Sebaceus Gland) causing the occurrence of blockage in channel of the follicle pore and hair in the skin. Because the occurrence of acne is the most common are stacks of oil, hormones, or it could be the SOAP that collaborate with the bacteria on the skin of the face.

2. The bacteria

The bacteria is one of the most serious causes of acne. Bacteria called p. acne usually exist on the skin and tend to continue to proliferate in the sebaceos glands that are experiencing clogging so irritates the surrounding area. The gland can rupture when the enlarged swelling process resulting in the inflammation of the surrounding skin and menimbukan pain in the face. This is one reason the incidence of acne pimples are types of stone that is enlarged and painful and when healed can lead to holes such as chickenpox scars.

3. Dead skin cells

Acne generally occurs because a growing number of production of androgen hormones resulting in an excess of oil glands. Acne is finally starting to appear because the bacteria are mixed with the dead skin cells. Of blockages that are formed due to dead skin cells also mingled with the SOAP to the mixture to thicken so that cause black or white spots on the face. Acne in General did indeed attack the face, but Acne can also attack other parts of the body like the back of your upper arms, chest, even the scalp.

Various Causes Of Stubborn Acne

1. Hormonal Factors

Hormones being the biggest cause of the emergence of pimples on face let alone at the age of adolescence. Acne generally begin to appear at the age of 10 to 15 years and then will start to disappear when the age of 25, but also most of the people there are also that until the age of 40 to 50 years with a percentage of approximately 7%. Generally women have a high risk of acne exposed at 2-7 days before menstruation, patients wear a certain type of medications such as steroids, cortisone, estrogen, and testosterone as well as feniton in women who are pregnant.

2. Keep clean Less Hair

What to do with the hair diwajah acne? It turns out that the hair has an important role in causing the onset of acne is therefore very important to keep clean the hair. Someone less hygiene hair like rarely wash for example, when the scalp produces oil in excess then the oil will flow to the face or can also flow through the hair. So when the oil is mixed with dust, dirt or bacteria that can eventually lead to blockage of the pores on the face and acne munculah. That's why sometimes Acne can be very stubborn and difficult to be eliminated despite doing handling properly.

3. Consume Carbonated Drinks

Drinking carbonated drinks also had an adverse effect on the human body, one of which can trigger the onset of acne. Fizzy drinks can create inflammation in the human body, because in the soda there is one substance that aspartame can cause and improve acne. Soda can also lower the PH can cause acne is pretty stubborn and difficult to overcome.

4. The existence of Friction or pressure on the skin

Acne can also be triggered by pressure on the skin such as a helmet, a collar, a cell phone, and a variety of other objects without us even realizing it can cause acne. Aside from the pressure on skin bacteria or objects that stick to last if not clean is the main trigger.

5. Allergic foods and drinks

The other is the cause of acne from allergy to certain foods and drinks such as seafood, milk and so on. Other foods can also trigger the occurrence of acne is a food that has a high jumalha Vitaman A, a low Vitamin E as well as too many contain carbohydrates.

  • Genetic factors or descent
  • Due to the hormone testosterone if on men-l
  • Bacteria that infect through the pores of the face
  • Scratching of the face can cause irritation on the skin
  • Anabolic Steroids
  • Age Factor
  • The blockage of pores on the face due to dead skin cells
  • Consume alcoholic beverages and smoking
  • Lack of consuming foods that contain Vitamin A and Vitamin B
  • Hold and squeeze the pimple
  • Too often affected by exposure to sunlight directly
  • Less keep clean face with face wash routine
  • Dirty hair that stick to the face
  • Because too much of the burden of thought or stress
  • Due to overactive oil glands
  • Because of the decline of hormones in women
  • Because blood is dirty
  • Due to taking pills KB
  • Due to air pollution are dirty
  • Eating too much chocolate
  • Allergies on the chemical substances contained in cosmetics
  • Consume less water white
  • Lack of skin hygiene
Now says several factors cause the emergence of pimples on the face, chest, back or other parts. Hopefully with us knowing the causes of that we can know how to remove acne correctly and do prevention afterward.

That's some of the main causes of the appearance of acne diwajah, avoid foods with you above will facilitate the healing process by applying the techniques.

1. Make the Tomato Fruit

Besides tomatoes can be beneficial for kitchen materials are also useful for beauty one is able to get rid of acne on the face naturally, Tomatoes contain vitamins A and C which is great for skin care. tomatoes can also nourish your skin from within, so in addition to use for mask you can also consume fruit is very rewarding.

How to make:

Search for the ripe plum tomatoes and red tomato, sliced thinly and then paste on the part of your face and let sit for 15 minutes, do it at night with a routine, so that you can feel the results.

2. Lemon

As with the tomatoes, lemon besides bermafaat in the kitchen can also be nutritious fruit to remove acne quickly, on a lemon there is vitamin C is very high, so it is able to kill the bacteria that cause acne diwajah, besides the lemon also contains Ascorbic acid which can help membersihakn your pores are clogged due to dust in the outdoors.

How To Make:

How to make it really easy, you simply squeeze the Lemon that is still fresh, and then apply the lemon water on parts of your face growing acne, let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with cold water, do it the natural way with routine every morning.

3. Cucumber

Cucumber fruit is also wrong one of the fruits that can be used to supplement the food menu or as a vegetable, the fruit is easy we find dipasar-pasar because it often becomes the target for mothers ibui kitchen, in addition to a friend moms cucumber, fruits are also very useful for facial beauty, why so? because this fruit contains vitamin C which can kill toxins in the body, and can heal acne permanently, but you should use regularly every day.

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How To Make:

How to make it really easy, slice the cucumber thinly and then paste the breakouts on your face thoroughly, and let sit for 15 minutes, do it this way every day or morning.

4. Orange peel

Well, for those of you who like to consume a lot of fruit contains vitamin C it don't waste orange peel for the needs of others, like want to get rid of acne by using orange peel, citrus skin there are substances that can be deadly the bacteria quickly so bacteria causes acne will be gone wajahpun will clean glow.

How to make:

Cut the orange peel into small roughly can be dried to drain for a few days and then puree or it could be pounded until fine into the flour, and mix in a little water and then rub it on the part of your face, let stand for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

5. Egg whites

How to get rid of acne using egg white is very easy and effective because the content of enzymes in egg white cells were able to eliminate known causes of acne, blackheads on the nose and cleans easily, the way makes it very easy.

Take 1 of the original free-range chicken eggs, then separate the yolk with egg white beaten egg whites until frothy white color, then apply on the face and let sit for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water, egg white is not only able to get rid of acne but rejuvenate the skin of your face, gently clean naturally.

6. The fruit of Papaya

Papaya fruit, who is not familiar with this delicious fruit in addition to consumption of this fruit was also able to get rid of acne on your face naturally, papaya fruit contains Papain Enzyme capable of resisting the anti oxidants harmless on the skin of your face, this fruit in addition to It can also heal in order to prevent the emergence of pimples diwajah you, how do I get rid of acne with papaya?

How To Make:

Look for papayas that are mature and still fresh, the puree in a bowl and then mix 1 spoon of honey to 1 papaya pieces, stirring until thick and evenly apply on face let sit for 15 minutes and wash off with warm water, in addition to be able to get rid of acne papaya is also capable of taking care of your facial skin naturally.

7. Aloe Vera

From the first till now known as Aloe Vera plants are very good for beauty even today so many beauty products that rely on the Aloe Vera for cosmetic tool-making the main ingredient, therefore we can try to process the Traditionally, to get rid of acne with Aloe Vera, how do I prepare it?

How To Make:

Take the Aloe Vera leaves are still fresh from its stem, then separate gelnya with a spoon and apply all over the face let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with cold water, do it every day and see the result.

8. Natural Honey

Honey is one of the drug-a very powerful traditional batan for a variety of ailments, berhaya natural honey can also be helpful to eliminate acne and prevent it from appearing again, antiseptic content in honey is able to reduce the appearance of acne.

How To Make:

Honey should not be mixed with other ingredients, simply apply a natural honey on your face thoroughly and let sit until it dries and then rinse with clean water, do it this way a week 2-3 times a week.

9. Avocado Mask

Avocado fruit is a fruit that can be used as fresh, fruit juice is also beneficial to get rid of acne quickly and easily, avocado fruit can prevent bacteria from your diwajah that can cause acne, how do I remove Acne avocado mask with?

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We need 2 spoons of honey to 1 piece of fresh avocado, avocado puree and some meat mixed with natural honey, mix well and apply on the face evenly, let stand for 15 minutes, rinse with warm water in this way do 2 times a week so that acne be gone quickly.

10. Toothpaste

Most people consider trivial if toothpaste is not able to get rid of acne, but in fact it is not, because I myself have never use toothpaste to get rid of acne on the face, let alone the large flange blotch, very easy cured with toothpaste, toothpaste containing triclosan, Fluoride which can reduce the irritation of the skin, and kill the bacteria causes the appearance of acne.

How to use:

How to get rid of acne with toothpaste enough you apply toothpaste on pimples on your face, let stand until dry and clean with warm water in the morning.

11. Apple Cider vinegar

Apple Cider vinegar is very easy to dimukan, anyway the price which is still terjangakau, most people rely on Apple Cider vinegar to get rid of acne on the face, stone apple cider vinegar contains lactic acid that can raise the dead skin cells on your face.

How To Use:

For those of you who want to get rid of acne with Apple Cider vinegar is easy, Mix apple cider vinegar with water approximately 5 ml White vinegar to 100 ml of water, apply on face evenly, next and rinse with clean water do every night before to sleep so that the healing process of acne on the face can be maximum.

12. Garlic

Garlic can be used in the kitchen type of onions is also beneficial to get rid of acne naturally, natural deposits on garlic to kill the bacteria on the skin of your face, because many garlic contains compounds Thiacremonon Sulfur.

How To Make:

Mash garlic until smooth, and then apply it on your face part that there are acne, let stand a few minutes until the pores of your skin absorb the essence contained in garlic, then clean with water.

13. Ice cube

One of the causes of the emergence of acne is because of the excess oil on the face, the excess oil can be corrected with ice cubes, be sure to clean the used ice cubes not from well water directly.

How To Use:

Take a few grains of ice cubes, then wrap it with a clean cloth and a sweep in the face that there are acne, rub until evenly vertically, perform in the evening at the moment your facial pores are open.

14. Lemon

In addition you can also take advantage of Lemon lime juice to cure acne bad on the part of your face, clearly lemon contains vitamin C which is able to counteract free radicals are high due to the fumes of vehicles, besides lemon can also be taking care of your facial skin.

How To Make:

How to make it really easy, you prepare 1 piece of fresh lemon, squeeze the water then apply it on the entire face, this feels a bit stung because lemon juice contains a high acid substances, if too many acne will face feels very stung , so try to wipe gently, if necessary mix with a little water.

15. Utilise Steam

Steam from the already proven to be able to get rid of acne naturally and open your pores let alone conducted at night, in addition to steam can also turn off your diwajah acne-causing bacteria.

How To Make:

Provide an empty container and then fill with hot water, let stand a few minutes and go and put your face near the container so as to Steam coming out of the container, do a couple of times, if it is, let stand about 15 minutes and then Wash your face with cold water.

16. Papaya leaves

If you often use papaya Fruit juice or as a treatment for the face then you can try the papaya leaves to get rid of acne and mark, dried papaya leaves has outstanding properties to cure acne, but we need few ways to prepare it, here's how.

How To Make:

Provide 1 sheet of papaya leaves a quotation directly from the tree, and then pat dry the leaves for 1 day and pounded until fine and mix with a little water so it will be a thick mask apply it on all over your face, let stand for 15-20 minutes clean with warm water, do it this way 3 times in a week and see the result.

17. do not staying up

One of the main causes of the emergence of pimples diwajah you are the effect of staying up at night of the day, let alone those of you who love to consume beans, instant noodles and other things that contain fat, it will be vulnerable and easily the appearance of acne, this stone will give effect very influential on the health of your facial skin, if sleep deprivation never mind the acne the skin of your face will look dull and dull, so try to sleep on time if you want your face looks radiant and clear of acne.

18. avoid Stress

Stress can lead to a chemical in the body and arouse your hormones in the body so that it will lead to the emergence of pimples on your face, try you see people experiencing a lot of problems will appear less clean skin face aka breakouts .

19. Wash your Face 3 times a day

Indeed many consider this trivial, but if we often wash face in the day what was moving outside the stain on the skin of the face will be clean in addition dead skin cells will be uplifted by water Moreover, we often use a face SOAP then it could easily prevent the appearance of acne, bacteria that stick will also be in the clear.

20. Don't be in Squeeze

Clearly we see a new pimple appearing on the face if it will hit the Add severe acne and other menyebakan because it can be irritating, try if it appears the acne never touch it, when we often touched with the tip of the nail will be black holes formed and it is very difficult to clean up, because at the end of the nail there are substances that can form a severe skin irritation.

21. Avocado and honey Mask

Avocado and honey is one of the best combination to tackle acne problems. Honey, natural ingredients that are known historically has many benefits for the skin because it contains hydrogen peroxide which are antibacterial.

While avocados are rich in vitamin E which can penetrate the pores of the skin and reduces pore – inflammation of the skin.

  • Take the meat of the fruit of the avocado and put in container
  • Puree the flesh of the avocado fruit
  • Add a spoon of honey and then mix well
  • Also add the juice of lemon (optional)
  • Apply mask on face breakouts for 15 – 20 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water

22. Baking Soda

Baking soda can neutralize the acidity of the skin so that the acne-causing bacteria are not able to live long on your face. Not only kills bacteria, baking soda can also scrape dead skin cells and cleanse the pores are clogged pores – and absorb excess oil.

  • Make a paste by mixing baking soda 2 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 tablespoon water, then DAB on the area of the facial skin breakouts
  • Leave on face for about 15 minutes then rinse with warm water and pat dry

Please note, before you use a paste of baking soda you should check in advance the reaction on your skin. DAB a little pasta in most areas of the face. If it does not appear a reddish skin reactions, then usage can continue.

23. Sugar Scrubs

Pure sugar it contains AHA and glycolic acid is good for cleansing the face of dead skin cells and removes pimples and scars left behind.

  • Not only that, sugar can kill the bacteria causes acne because the cell walls of bacteria are basically not resistant to sugar.
  • Simply mix 2 tablespoons sugar with a tablespoon of water
  • Stir into the pasta
  • Apply the scrub on the face for 15 – 20 minutes
  • Rinse with warm water and pat dry

24. Papaya leaves

Benefits of papaya leaves that we know may be just as herbal medicine or as a vegetable cuisine but you need to know if the leaves of the papaya is especially beneficial for relieving acne, content of antioxidants which pretty much can make acne the stubborn hard remove from your face will be easily lost.

How to manufacture:

  • Select young papaya leaves
  • Simply prepare the 4-6 leaves
  • Bathing under the Sun 2-4 hours
  • Mash until smooth and combine clean water until the pasta is shaped
  • Then apply it evenly in Acne
  • When do evenings and ample 1 time only
  • Wait and enjoy the beautiful and handsome ajah you back

Well, that's the natural ingredients and how to get rid of acne quickly and easily, actually the name of an herbal natural ingredients will take a little longer than we are not implement anything then the acne scars had healed will not be lost, so There is no harm in your trying the above natural ingredients to eliminate acne and mark.

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At the moment we try natural ingredients so you can prevent the susceptibility to the emergence of pimples with a very simple way i.e. wash your face frequently during the day or night, so that maximum use is always more SOAP facial cleanser so that bacteria and stains can be lifted easily,

Tips to prevent the onset of acne

In order for these natural ingredients work well, then care should be taken on a regular basis. Here's how to prevent acne from coming back:

1. Diligent clean face

Take care of health by cleansing the face the face at least twice a day with facial cleanser. Select a cleanser that is appropriate to the type of skin and are safe to the skin of the face.

It's been a lot of cleaners containing natural ingredients on the market. Diligently clean your face is key in keeping the skin of dirt and excess oil that may cause acne.

2. Don't touch your acne, let alone push

If your face is being breakouts, never touching the face with dirty hands let alone memencetnya. Squeeze the pimple can aggravate the skin condition and cause acne scars that are difficult to be eliminated.

3. avoid excessive make up

Do not overuse of makeup or excessive makeup. Use makeup that suits your skin type and only on certain conditions. Don't forget to clean your make up before going to bed.

4. the Diligent exercise

Diligently exercising good to balance hormones and reduce the risk of stress that have an impact on the incidence of acne. Bathing with warm water after exercise can cleanse the body of sweat and oils that can cause acne.

5. A healthy diet

Healthy and balanced meal to maintain skin health. Fruit and vegetable consumption is believed to be able to clean the face of toxins as well as cope with acne from within. If you frequently experience acne problems is a good idea to avoid oily foods, fatty foods, fast food and caffeine.

6. Expand the drinking water white

White water is very important to our life, encompasses the white water helps clear toxins in the body, in addition to white water also helps the metabolism of the body and the most important thing in this case is the white water helps regenerate skin cells. With white water in addition to multiply the body will be healthy, your skin will also avoid the poop-poop causes of acne, and skin mennjadi definitely moist and chewy.

7. Fruit and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables also contain many vitamins and water needed by the skin. Fruits and vegetables will help the body dissolve fat, excess fat content so that it can be berkirang, so dikulitpun oil production will be reduced and the pimple will not appear.

8. Stay away from fatty foods

Foods that contain a lot of fat will make the body produce a lot of oil. It will have an impact on the skin, with the production of excess oil on skin will lead to clogged pores, acne and blackheads consequently will easily grow. Therefore, you should avoid eating fatty foods.

9. avoid stress and sleep

Maybe not many people know if stress and lack of sleep causes the onset of acne. Therefore, in order for you to avoid the problem of skin breakouts, you should sleep with enough, so that the metabolism in the body will regularly and acne will fade.