Monday, September 4, 2017

How to add install Google Adsense code ads on Blogspot

B 17 How To - Basically, there are two ways that Google provided to put ads on the blog. How Adsense if you register via the blogger and how if put ads via Google Adsense account the dashboard.

Install Ads Google Adsense from Blogspot

This way is easy. You only need to sign in to Your blogger account and choose earnings. If you sign up through Adsense Blogspot, it's good to associate your AdSense account first with blogspot. Here's how by entering the ID of your account.

If it works then it will look like the following:

To install the Adsense ads on your blog, select the Yes option in the show ads on the blog. There is three advertising model we can show through this arrangement.

  • Show ads in the sidebar and the entry: This means that your ad will appear in the sidebar of the blog and at the end of the posting.
  • Show ads in the sidebar: ads will only appear in the sidebar of the blog
  • Show ads on the bottom of the entry: the fish will only appear at the bottom or the end of the posting.

If you've made any changes remember to click on save settings button in the top right corner.

Install Google Adsense ads from your Adsense account

To install the Adsense ads first log in first to the dashboard. Visit and enter the email which has been approved by Adsense. Once successful, you will be faced with the look of the home. Here you can view reports Adsense revenue.

Next, click my ads next to the porch.
In part, this is all kinds of ads to show. You can modify it and associate with your blog theme. To create new ad units, click the + new ad units.

In part this is the type of ad you will choose what you want to use. It should be noted, each ad units created, always give a name.

Select the ad size will be made. You can choose the type of measure provided by clicking Options Display. There are about seven kinds of options provided. The first suggested, this is the most widely used type. Horizontal banners, Vertical Banners, rectangles, Special Sizes and Responsive Ad link.

Every size, when You see it first by clicking the Preview, such as 300 x 250 size here.

After being convinced by its size, then select the type of ad. There are three options, display advertisements in the form of text and images, only image ads or text ads only.

If selecting text and image ads, it's good you choose style text ads that will be displayed. In this section there are many options that you can customize with your blog. To edit it, click the button copy and Edit.

At the bottom, there are still two options, special Channels and Ad backup. Both are useful only for certain times only. If you're already convinced by the selection, then click the Save and get a code.

Copy the ad code is presented and put on the section of your blog. Wait until the active advertising. If you have active then, advertising is already going to appear on your blog. The next step is to promote your blog for many visitors, therefore, would be the more likely your ad will be clicked and certainly the coffers your earnings will be even greater.