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Troops name list Clash of Clans (COC) srategy army

B 17 T How To - here are many Troops or troops in Clash of Clans (COC). This forces created to help destroy the opponent's base or to protect villages from attacks of the opponent. Any existing forces in the Clash of Clans had distinctive features or special advantages in it.

Here I will describe a variety of existing forces in the Clash of Clans, the advantages and disadvantages as well as the unique ability that some troops. Be it the Elixir, or army forces made of Dark Elixir.

Troops Tier 1


Barbarian is the first unit you guys if there's been a barracks. With the appearance of a man outraged, expression ready fighter, yellow hair, and long yellow moustache. She is wearing a Brown skirt with a leather belt and a shield-shaped buckle. She also has spiked on the second arm handband, as well as a short sword in his right hand, and sandals on his feet.

At the time of upgrade to become level 3, these Troops will be assigned a headband. Viking helmet will complement the barbarians when already reached level 5 and level 6 will have a sharp sword and a gigantic Horn helmet.


Archer is the unit range. Troops are described as a woman with hair and pink eyes sharp, light green dress, belt with a small bag, gold rings on his shoulder, and pink feathers on an arrow. Archer has no specific target, attacking anything in sight and reach.


Goblin is the fastest character in the game. Their first target was the building resources. Goblin gives double damage to building resources (Gold, Elixir, Clan Castle, and the Town Hall). This gave COC damage troops doubled compared to Barbarian and tripled compared to Archer for the attack on the building.

Goblins are quite weak and easy to destruction and also because the Troops it has characters that give priority to the building of resources it will ignore all of the opponent's defense, they are very vulnerable to attacks and Troops is not suitable without backup-an from the Troopslain.

Troops Tier 2


Giant is a large-body forces capable of a shattering-shattering opponent. These troops will target the enemy's defenses, so that many in the group, they can be crippling for a village. Because of this very strong Troops, players usually place them in advance of other troops to protect a weaker but more offensive than defensive.

Wall Breaker

Wall Breaker look small, a bony skeleton wearing Aviator Brown and has a small scar on the right eye. Troops led a large bomb that would make his body was destroyed along with the bomb. Attack Breaker Wall directly into the nearest wall.


Ballon is a Troops such as Wall Breaker only these Troops riding in a hot air balloon. This slow-moving troops in the air. Attacking opponents by way of dropping bombs from above. The first target of these Troops was the defence of the opponent.


The wizard look wearing a blue robe wearing a leather belt with gold buckle and Brown boots. RAID Wizard is very similar to the Archer because it uses long distance attack and defence although attack stymied wall. His attack with the ball in hand and the fire resulted in severe enough damage yet weak enough so that these Troops are not difficult to destroy.

Troops Tier 3


A healer is a flying unit. Troops did not have the ability to attack the enemy, but can quickly heal a variety of ground Troops, except when in Defense (in this case he heals the broken building). When all units have full health, he will not do anything. However, if the other wounded Troops, he would fly over and start the healing process. Troops cannot heal itself or heal other flying forces.


Dragon is a Troops with flight mode that is frightening and capable of terrorizing other air and ground units. Unlike the Troops Abroad, the Dragon has ranged attacks like Archer.

P.E.K.K. A

P.E.K.K. A is the most damage with the forces that are in the barrack. Troops has a very strong armor and can inflict severe damage on the opposing defense. However, Pekka was the most expensive Troops from other Troops.

Baby Dragon

Baby Dragon is one of the newest troops in Clash of Clans. The greatness of the Baby Dragon is when he is not close to other flying forces. He will turn out to be larger as well as the strength of the attack (attack speed) and the damage will be increased.


Miner also became one of the latest troops in Clash of Clans update 24 may 2016. Miner has advantages i.e. run on the ground. Miner will dig up to the nearest building to destroy it. If the building was destroyed, the Miner will again delve into other nearby buildings.

Troops Dark Exilir


Minion is the Troops very quickly, most are inexpensive compared to the Dark Elixir Troops, and was not detected by air bomb but it was pretty weak. Look like Gargoyles with great horns, short wings, and large hands with sharp claws of a demon that looks like stone.

Hog Rider

Hog Rider is a dark skinned male Troops rough up the big pig. He was shirtless, wearing only a brown colored skin themselves aprons, red belt, and a pair of leather sandals. He has two big gold rings and gold earrings. His weapon of choice is a large Warhammer. Tunggangannya is a large pig, about half the height of the rider.

Hog Rider holding the bridle brown leather around the pig's tusk. These Troops can jump the advantages wall opponents and move and destroy it quickly. The main target of this one is defense Troops opposed to so can be the ideal replacement for the Giant because he also has a powerful physique.


Valkyrie is a fierce girl soldier with red hair, wore a long leather bra themselves aprons leather knee-high boots and. Troops has large double-bladed axe, which is around 1/2 of his size. Valkyrie has a total of 4 levels. At level 1 and 2 will have a silver-colored axe, at level 3 and 4 color changing axe into gold.


Golem is a very strong army unit. At the time of the Golem's death, Troops will turn into two smaller Golem called Golemites which has a fifth of the power of the Golem and actually continue to do damage. Golem attacks like a Ballon that is giving effect to the devastated many areas of the opponent. The main target was the Golem's defense forces opponents.


Witch is a strong army that can summon the dead soldiers from the battle of the past (the framework). He can be used as supporting forces (similar to the way the Healer) and when used correctly, can destroy opponents with ease.

Lava Hound

Lava Hound is the new Troops that are on the Clash of Clans. These troops will strike directly into the Air Defense base opposed. With the blood make great Lava Hound can be used as anchoring good body to attack.


Bowler is the latest troops in Clash of Clans (CoC) which has a blue body. A bowler can be made using several hundred Dark Elixir and put on housing (a place in the Army Camp) as much as 8 units.

Strike bowler with the way threw rocks toward the building or the enemy. This type of attack is the Splash Area bowler. One of the disadvantages is the bowler could not resist the attacks of the forces of air such as Minion, Dragon and Lava Hound.

Troops Heroes
Heroes are Immortals who are called through a permanent altar rather than through the barracks. They are the most powerful forces in this game, but each player is only allowed to have one of each type. Although they could not die in battle, they can be defeated and must regenerate until the time limit is complete.

Barbarian King

Barbarian King is heroes who have a body that is bigger and more powerful than the Barbarian. Heroes is called after the Barbarian King Altar has been built at a cost of 10,000 Dark Elixir. Barbarian King is timeless, then the unit can only be called once. However, if he is injured or falls in battle, he had to regenerate health by sleeping for an extended period of time before it can be used again.

Every Barbarian King upgraded then the more time it takes to regenerate health. Barbarian King just defends the area around the altar and will retreat if dipancing too far out.

Archer Queen

Archer Queen is heroes who is bigger and stronger than the Archer. He automatically called after Archer Queen Altar was built at a cost of 40,000 Dark Elixir. Archer Queen is a timeless unit, so he can only be called once. However, if he was hurt or ' fall ' in the battle, he had to regenerate her health by sleeping for an extended period of time before it can be used again.

If you attack a village while Archer Queen still regenerate, then the altar will look blank. The amount of time she sleeps Archer Queen is directly proportional to the last health when he's doing battle. So, when not injured then he's ready to fight right away. However, if he falls in battle, then he should be sleeping for some time to regenerate.

The Grand Warden

The Grand Warden is one of the newest heroes in Clash of Clans. Hero Grand Warden is the only hero who is making use of the Elixir. The cost of making the Grand Warden is 6 million Elixir and recently could be created when the Town Hall 11.

The Grand Warden has two abilities (ability) is powerful enough to be used in the attack. This ability is Life Eternal Aura and Tome.

Once the Life Aura was once the Grand Warden which increases the hitpoints of pasukkan blood or who are in a circle by. So, you would not easily die.

Once the Eternal Tome was once the Grand Warden who made the troops that are in the circle of the aura of the Grand Warden will be immune from any attacks for a few seconds.