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On Desember 01, 2017

Download 7-Zip Portable 16.04 for Windows

The zip file format is there for centuries, but we still use technology the way we date and for a long time-because he was replaced by a better file format. We move with audio and video. How many of us now use MP3 files to encode our audio? Such as Windows and Mac OS both ships with support for ZIP format, with the operating system, it seems that will be here for some time more.

The problem is that the zip format is not good in the codification of large multimedia files. Now many of us with broadband, and server space available is extensive, we suddenly wanted everyone to be able to download and stream movies to our home without worrying about bandwidth issues. However, many people are still constrained by the size of their incoming email attachments, which means that some emails do not come at all.

The answer is to consider the different formats and solution file 7z. based on the zip format, this is the version with a lot. Because there are many 7z file management tools that are available for free, there is no reason why we should use the ZIP file format, or pay for commercial developers to generate management tools ZIP.

7-zip is one of the best and is designed to make the most of the 7z format. If the statistics are compared, the same file can be encoded with 140% savings to the ZIP format, which is an impressive statistic. 7-zip supports many file formats, including zip, rar, tar and more. You can also encrypt files with encryption, so that only users with the correct password can extract content.

Note that this is a portable version of 7-zip.

Download 7-Zip Portable 16.04 for Windows

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