Download LibreOffice Productivity Suite 5.4.3 (64-bit) for Windows

Libreoffice has spent a lot of time into a branch of the OpenOffice project. Now this is an alternative entry into Microsoft Office, enjoying regular development and constant adjustment to keep up to date, stable and secure.

While the weakness of the slick presentation LibreOffice rival Windows free Kingsoft Office suite office Ribbon interface and free inspiration, has the advantage of offering a complete set of Office applications, including fundamentals, drawing a data package and Mathematical tools in word processing, spreadsheet and presentation tool found in most free office suite.

Version 5 makes the user interface is much better, but while definitely more navigable than it was before the tool better placement and visual preview styles directly from the main toolbar, it still seems a bit out of date, though fresh icon set. However, it is still powerful suite is able to meet the needs of most people, so here's an alternative to zero cost to the Office of a valuable tool in their warehouse.

Growing support for third-party file types (including classic and new formats of Office), which means that you do not cut the industry standards and supports cross-platform, meaning that you use the LibreOffice on Windows, Mac or Linux without work out for a new way to work every time.

Version 5 introduced the 64-bit edition dedicated to Windows and promises full compatibility with Windows 10.

New LibreOffice 5.4 (see the Changelog for more information)

The color palette of the new standards, which are based on the model of color B, has been added.
-Improved support for file formats with better support for EMF vector images. This will help you when you import the diagram detailed other Office software.
-Import PDF files with much better quality, even if it is inserted into the document, while the exported PDF files by author and impressive-supports embedded video (and related videos when it opened with Acrobat Reader).
5.4 supports LibreOffice openpgp key to sign documents ODF in Linux.

LibreOffice Productivity Suite 5.4.3 (64-bit)
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