Free Download Manager 5.1.34 Build 6885 (64-bit)

Free Download Manager 5.1.34 (64-bit)

Free Download Manager serves two purposes that help to make it easier to access the file from the Internet. The first feature is the speed the download because you can simultaneously download parts of the same file from multiple sites to avoid the congestion of the server. The second main feature is support for downloading again. This means that if you set a download for some reason, you can pick it up from where you left off rather than starting from scratch.

Free Download Manager is a utility that provides a second feature, but it also has a number of other people. First, it is a portable application that can copy to your USB drive and run on any computer without installing it. There is also support for not just flash, but also the torrents.

Automatically stored in the download folder in USB drive, but you can change it to another folder. One way would be to pick a folder that syncs with Dropbox or Google hard that download can be synchronized automatically between computers. Like other download manager, you can filter by the type of download you and transfer individuals can be stopped and continue as required.

Free Download Manager also allows you to take advantage of the integration of the browser. This is a feature that is disabled by default, but if you are working with a portable version of Firefox, you may want to choose to activate it. When you do this, you must be careful to ensure that the local browser installed, or You might have problems, but in general this is a competent tool.

Free Download Manager 5.1.34 (64-bit) for Windows

Free Download Manager 5.1.34 (64-bit) for Mac
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