Microsoft Dictate 5.0 (32-bit version)

Microsoft Dictate 5.0 (32-bit version) - Recognition has come a long way. Most people speak faster than they write, but the Office was not fully accepted the introduction. Dictation aims to change this – it is a free plugin for Word, Outlook and PowerPoint that combines voice recognition engine Cortana's to give you the power to dictate documents, emails and presentations.

Dictate that they are generated by the Microsoft Garage arm, which is a small independent teams, playing with the houses of the new technology. This means a low fancy features, but high on function keys.

Installation is quite simple, and then you will find a new tab dictate tape from the Office. Select and there is a thin collection of choice. First, set the drop-down menu of to match Your language and region (20 languages, more regional variations are supported) so the dictations can be understood better. Drop-down menu ' on ', which allows you to translate Your dictation into other languages if you want – more than 60 supported out of the box, using the Bing translation engine.

Finally, click on the Score of "manual" If you use a phrase such as "time" and "question mark" rather than try to automatically determine the tension when you talk (surprisingly good, but it only works with the language control United Kingdom Kingdom so far ).

Dictate the default mic work with you, so you have to prepare the sound icon in the info area of the taskbar, then just a case of clicking on the Start button and you can start dictating. A bar tab the answer indicates whether the dictation was picked up pretty quickly, and then the words are shown.

Dictate work pretty well, but mistakes are made, and you have to keep an eye on how you will-you can still write while dictate, so it's up to you if you try to fix it yourself while you want to proceed.

This download is for the 32-bit version of Office. Click here to get the 64-bit version (find this version of Office running tape-select file and click on "about").

Download Microsoft Dictate 5.0 (32-bit version) for Windows

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