Mr Porter 6.8.6

Mr Porter 6.8.6

Mr Porter 6.8.6 - Finding new clothes and keeping them on top of your fashion is not difficult these days. With the internet it is very easy to keep any store accessible at any time. And with your phone, you can now access a lot of fashion, through a simple touch on your smartphone. One of those smartphone apps that comes from Mr. Porter. One of the best places for high fashion on the web, and the male version of the network-a-Porter very successful

When you enter the application, it can be a good sign, so you can still sign in with the same order to save the items that you want or need to track your order. Navigating the application is as simple as possible. Clean, white and elegant canvas. And like the Net-a-Porter partner app, you can easily navigate through all the different styles, and it's part of the app like Mr Porter-Revista magazine.

The app also allows you to view the latest edition of Men's fashion experts, read the features and interviews of some of the world's most elegant and celebrities. You can also set the application to provide periodic updates of style and trend tips. You can also see tips on what to do on the next trip.

When you set up your account, you can easily create a wishlist of your favorite pieces so that you can easily access them and share them with others. Mr. Porter also gives you access to check-in to 170 countries around the world. Finally, you can also find information on where to eat, drink, sleep with the recommendations of the style board, which is exclusive to the Mr Porter panel

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