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On Januari 05, 2018

Need for Speed Underground 2

Need for Speed Underground 2 is an arcade - The style of game that is increasing in the original with more competitive race mode and drift races. NFSU2 had big shoes to fill, and not so awesome, with much better graphics, new game modes and interface enhancements. The demo also encourage original coverage, free roaming mode "offers" to explore the city and challenge competitors according to the confession, the two types of "quick race" on two different tracks and the ability to share with others Online drivers competing.

The most obvious improvement graph. We can only describe them as truly impressive, even in the lower settings. The lights on the bridge shine in the night sky, and the mannequin in the store window catch your eye as you fire from the past. Little things such as the hydraulic pump you and bounces on the road, making the experience even more enjoyable. Arcade-style racing (it is very difficult to destroy your car) and easy to learn, but make the loom acquired the skills that make the learning curve is gradual, but long. Use only the main driving game is the ubiquitous product placement (Cingular messaging system?), high system requirements and the burden of large size. Given the depth and quality of the need for Speed Underground 2, but most players can forgive these details.

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