On Januari 08, 2018

uBlock Origin 1.13.2 for Chrome

UBlock Origin this popular and efficient content blocker who can protect You from advertising, crawler, malware and more.

If you've seen other Ad Blocker, you will understand the basics. UBlock add source symbols to the address bar which determines the number of blocking requests. If all is well, you can let it work completely automatically, but clicking the icon will show a panel that provides more control.

If the site doesn't work, you can change the blocking of certain types of major media item, the popup, remote source, with a single click. The choice element allows you to fine-tune the key for a specific section of this page, or you can disable the blocks are fully for the entire site.

Using a variety of fonts to UBlock identify what to block, including malware domain list, Easylist and Peter Lowe ads and tracking server list. Third-party filters tab in the settings show the entire UBlock filter is active and has a lot of other people, but treat it with caution. The more you select, the more likely you will have to have a problem without getting a lot of security.

Experts can customize their own filter program, and there are potentially other useful additions. If you are using a VPN will not prevent leakage of WebRTC, for example, there are privacy options in settings that should do it for you.

Download uBlock Origin 1.13.2 for Chrome for Windows

Download uBlock Origin 1.13.2 for Chrome for Android

Download uBlock Origin 1.13.2 for Chrome for Mac

Download uBlock Origin 1.13.2 for Chrome for iPad
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